Dr. Lou Waldie

Dr. Lou Waldie is passionate about excellent dentistry, where her patient’s comfort is a priority. She graduated from The University of Queensland with first-class honours and was Vice President of the UQ Dental Association. Lou has been a practicing dentist in Ashgrove since 2008. She likes the personal interaction that dentistry brings and finds teeth very interesting, although she finds the person attached to the teeth far more fascinating! Lou enjoys helping patients overcome their dentistry fears and can help anxious or stressed clients. She is accomplished at using medication options such as Happy Gas to make your experience more pleasant and relaxed. All treatment options and costs are thoroughly explained by Lou in a easy to understand non-demeaning manner. Working with children is another one of Lou’s passions. The Tooth Dental environment is very welcoming and Lou creates a fun atmosphere with balloon animals, dressing up and other activities. Your child will be asking “When can we go to the dentist again?”. She is also knowledgeable in orthodontics to provide a thorough examination of your child’s teeth and bite. If you want your teeth looking their very best, Lou is also very experienced in both cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. Lou strives to be the best in her field and is continually attending industry events and courses to keep her treatments up-to-date.

Lou’s (Other) Loves

  • Wasting time staring at her scrumptious son Alistair – Born June 2021
  • Playing games, dancing and singing with her daughter Edith.
  • Being outdoors: four-wheel driving, boating and camping.
  • Being fit: running, yoga and going to the gym.
  • Being homely: sewing and cooking.
  • Spending time with her husband Chris, daughter Edith and their furry babies Bounty (the border collie) and Ian (the ginger cat).